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Corporate Cash Management


CCM Basic

CCM Basic offers 24/7 online account access, including:

  • Real-time balance inquiry
  • Transaction history
  • Initiate transfers and loan payments (between OCSB accounts)
       - Real-time, or
       - Scheduled in advance
  • Multiple CCM online users with customized access to specific accounts and/or functions
  • Free e-Statements
  • QuickBooks WebConnect    
       - Export account transactions directly into Quickbooks
       - Reconcile cleared items quickly and efficiently

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ACH Origination

ACH Origination allows your business to send electronic debits and/or credits. ACH transactions are fast, economical, and have become widely used in a variety of transactions. This versatility and efficiency is matched by OCSB's three different ACH Origination service offerings. Companies can choose to utilize one or more of these services to meet their specific needs. Fees apply.

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ACH Batch

ACH Batch is typically used to send funds to or collect funds from individuals rather than other businesses. ACH Batch allows you to initiate several similar transactions simultaneously - such as weekly payroll to 50 employees or monthly rent collection from apartment tenants. Other uses may include collecting health club dues, church tithes, and utility payments. If you've ever signed up for "AutoPay" or "EZPay" or "Direct Deposit", a function like CCM's ACH Batch is being used, and your business can use it too.

CCM's ACH Batch allows OCSB business customers to enter the account information of each Receiver (the person being debited or credited). This information is stored along with a typical payment amount. Once this information is entered, sending transactions is quick and easy. When you are ready to move funds, you can tweak the amounts, add or remove individual Receivers, and submit the batch.

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ACH Send File

Many finance and accounting software packages used by businesses include the capability to create a complete NACHA-formatted ACH file. Businesses that use such software to manage payroll or accounts payable may have already entered their Receivers' account information into their internal software. In such instances, having to enter the same information into ACH Batch or Single Entry is redundant. Rather, if your software has the capability to do so, you can export the transactions into a complete ACH File and send OCSB the file through CCM for processing through the Federal Reserve. This saves you the hassle of keying amounts and account information into CCM itself. Instead, CCM acts as a secure transmission conduit and does not change the content of your file information in any way. Using CCM's Send File ensures that your confidential ACH file is transmitted to OCSB through a secure, encrypted method. OCSB's e-Business services will work closely with customers who wish to utilize ACH Send File to ensure files are properly configured and tested to meet the Federal Reserve's standards.

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CCM Wire Requests

OCSB customers whose business processes require the same day settlement and "near-real-time" transmission speed that wires offer may benefit from CCM Wire Requests. Businesses who regularly initiate wires can add the CCM Wire Requests service to conveniently send domestic wires without visiting a bank branch. Furthermore, CCM Wire Requests have the capability to store the account and beneficiary information for a wire, making a recurrence of the same wire down the road much easier. While CCM Wire Requests can only be sent to domestic (US) recipients, OCSB customers may visit any OCSB branch to request a foreign, or international, wire transmission. Fees apply.

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CCM Dual Authorization

Because features like CCM's ACH Origination and Wire Requests allow the movement of large sums of money through remote access, businesses utilizing such services have sometimes been targeted by online criminals. Dual authorization is an additional layer of security offered by OCSB to deter both internal and external criminal threats. Dual authorization for ACH Origination and/or Wire Requests requires one CCM user to initiate the transaction and another user within your company to approve it. If both steps aren't completed on the same day, the transaction is voided and never sent to OCSB for processing. Dual authorization is effective against external fraud because it requires the access information and credentials of two individuals. Dual authorization is also effective against internal fraud by a rogue employee. While dual authorization will not guarantee that all fraud will be avoided, it does add an additional layer of protection to OCSB's other online security processes.

OCSB highly recommends companies utilizing ACH Origination or Wire Requests consider dual authorization if your organization supports it. Businesses with only one CCM user cannot utilize dual authorization.

There is currently no fee to add and utilize Dual Authorization.


Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) allows your organization to process checks received from your customers without leaving your office. When you choose OCSB's RDC solution, our technology partner will provide you with an easy-to-use check scanner similar to the ones we use at our branches. As you scan your customers' checks, they are automatically converted into electronic ACH transactions. These transactions are debited from your customers' bank accounts while your OCSB account is electronically credited for the amount of the checks scanned. This service provides convenience to your business in many ways:

  • Extremely efficient - Rather than requiring one of your employees to physically visit the bank and drive back to the office, your staff can remain at their desks and process the checks quickly through the secure online interface. Many RDC users love the fact that they don't have to drive to the bank on cold days with icy roads. And many business-owners love the fact that their employees no longer use the trip to the bank as a means to run personal errands on company time.
  • Speedy collection of funds - Because RDC uses ACH, deposits and the converted checks typically clear within two business days.
  • Faster notification of returns - In the event that a converted check is nonsufficient, the returned ACH item is typically sent back to you much faster than a similarly returned check. This gives you a head-start on collecting the funds and resolving the issue with your customer.

RDC is administered and sold through our third party technology partner; additional fees apply.


Merchant Services

Merchant services allow your business to accept both debit and credit cards with quick approval response times and low costs. Whether you need one terminal or a solution for multiple locations, our technology partner will provide equipment to accept card payments in both "card present" and "card not present" (i.e. phone, Internet) situations. Funds are then deposited via ACH into your OCSB account.

  • Accept all forms of card payments
  • Point of Sale
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Gift Cards
  • Check acceptance

Merchant services are administered and sold through our third party technology partner; additional fees apply.

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Positive Pay

Protect your business from check and ACH fraud with Positive Pay

With fraud on the rise, taking measures to protect yourself can be invaluable. We recommend having an extra layer of security to safeguard your business's finances.

Positive Pay is a security tool for business accounts to protect against ACH and check fraud. It works by matching the check number, account number, and dollar amount of check payments against a list of checks previously issued and authorized by the company. An alert is triggered whenever an item does not match the list, and the company must decide to approve or reject the payment. By taking this extra precautionary measure, check fraud can be quickly identified and stopped.

Notifications will appear when you log in to your account, and alerts may also be sent via e-mail or SMS (text) messages.

Contact your local OCSB branch to inquire about Positive Pay today.

*Your business must be enrolled in basic Corporate Cash Management (Business OLB). To set up Positive Pay there is a one-time $25 fee. After setup, the service is included in the Corporate Cash Management fee.

To see a complete listing of CCM Services and associated fees, please download our Choice for Business Product Guide.

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