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Business Money Market Savings

A Business Money Market Savings account is ideal for businesses who want to save for future needs.

  • Higher interest rates for higher balances
  • Tiered Interest
  • $10 service charge if average minimum balance falls under $1,000

Overdraft Protection Services


Overdraft Protection Transfer

OCSB business customers can request an Overdraft Protection Transfer link between another OCSB deposit account owned by the business and their DDA account. Funds will automatically transfer from the secondary account to cover the overdraft, assuming funds are available in the secondary account. While a transfer fee is assessed in this process, the business avoids incurring Overdraft/NSF fees and returned unpaid items. This service may benefit businesses that have additional funds to deposit in a second OCSB account but dont have the need for a Sweep account. (Note: Regulation only allows for 6 transfers per month from a Savings or Money Market Savings account.) Fees apply.

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Ready Reserve Business Line of Credit

OCSB business customers can apply for a Ready Reserve Overdraft Line of Credit. If approved, funds will automatically transfer from the Ready Reserve account to cover the overdraft in the DDA account, assuming the credit limit is sufficient. While interest is charged on any outstanding balance on the Ready Reserve account and transfer fees may apply, the business avoids incurring Overdraft/NSF fees and the possibility of returned unpaid items. A Ready Reserve Credit Line may benefit businesses that don't have additional funds on deposit (see above Overdraft Protection Transfer.) Fees apply.

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